About Kobelco

Kobelco is dedicated to sales and services of crawler excavators

Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. is wholly owned by Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Japan. The European Headquarters were re-established in Almere, The Netherlands in 2013 and include the sales and marketing function for Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia-CIS and Maghreb. A modern parts warehouse supports aftersales service across the region.

Kobelco is dedicated to sales and services of crawler excavators from 1t to 50t. The Japanese manufacturer is well-known worldwide as a leading excavator specialist. Kobelco machines are highly-regarded for their advanced technology, including an innovative noise and dust reduction system, advanced hydraulic circuitry for power and superior fuel efficiency.

We Save You Fuel

At KOBELCO, fuel efficiency is an obsession. It was one of the main things Kobelco thought about when they designed the Acera Geospec SK200-8. Excavator users in the field said that fuel economy was the best way to increase profits. The 8 Series Acera Geospec hit the Japanese market in 2006. Compared with the previous 6 Series, the new series reduced fuel consumption by 20% and increased productivity by 8%. That got the industry’s attention.

To achieve these impressive improvements, Kobelco reviewed every element in the design, from the engine to the hydraulic components. After a long process of trial and error, their efforts paid off. The Acera Geospec’s superior fuel economy is now recognized throughout the world and it was achieved without sacrificing operating efficiency. It offers superb overall power while drastically reducing exhaust and particulate emissions. Traditionally, operating efficiency has been considered inversely proportional to exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

Kobelco use technology to solve user problems. With 80 years of experience in technical innovation, they continue to seek improvements that benefit customers.

Download PDF: WeSaveYouFuel

Integrated Dust & Noise Reduction System

In contrast to conventional systems, which use a large fan near the intake port to cool the engine, iNDr creates a “wind pathway” that naturally introduces air into the system with a fan located further inside the machine. Air, as we know, transmits heat, carries dust, and vibrates with sound. Control the air, and all other problems can be solved. This is what the “wind pathway” approach makes possible.

The Magic of Ducts

To create a “wind pathway,” we started with an enclosed duct that connects the air intake port to the exhaust port, and laid out all of the cooling components and the engine inside it. This is the basic iNDr concept. Because the air can only enter and exit at certain, concentrated points, it becomes much easier to reduce noise and prevent dust penetration. And this is precisely what KOBELCO engineers set out to do.

The Offset Concept

Sound waves lose much of their energy when they hit an obstacle such as a wall. Even the noise of an excavator can be significantly reduced if the sound waves are forced to reflect off many surfaces before being emitted outside. The secret is to keep the sound source from connecting directly to the outside air. This is why we built angles into our “wind pathway.”

The Concept of Masking

For allergy sufferers, a gauze mask offers effective protection by preventing pollen in the air from entering the body. The iNDr filter works in the same way. Just as the mask helps to maintain the body’s health, the iNDr filter protects the inner workings of the excavator. Again, the key is the “wind pathway.”